Friday, 27 June 2008

Hello Not-Stranger

I wasn't thinking about it at the time, but yesterday was the first time I posted photographs of myself where you can properly see my whole face, therefore identify me if you know the real me. Not that it particularly matters; if someone I know is reading this, they will easily know who I am because I also constantly talk about the books I'm reading, films I've watched etc to my poor friends. Plus, there are the card photos, outfit posts... I'm not the most secretive person.

Right now however I have only told one friend about this blog. I thought she was a safe person to tell because she has a hopeless memory (I love you really, if you're reading) and whilst she commented once, I don't think she remembers its existence, certainly not the URL. I haven't told anyone else, because it feels ridiculously self-important to waltz up to someone 'guess what... I have a blog!' Plus some of my friends made some short-lived blogs about a year ago and I didn't want to associate with that. As a creative outlet, I really didn't want to have to worry about what people might possibly, maybe just think. But obviously, my friends do read fashion blogs and there's always the remote possibility they might stumble upon this. And if they do, I'm not going to do a vanishing act.

I merely ask, darling person I know (I call everyone darling) that you make your presence known as a visitor. Ring me up, drop it into a conversation, send me a letter. Please! xx


  1. It's hopeless. Real-life acquaintances/friends/family love to lurk.

  2. I tagged you.

    I'll be back to read this post later. Sorry for the rush!