Sunday, 25 May 2008

the natural order

I've never particularly thought of clothes brand Maharishi as very stylish, or 'me', but I was wholly impressed by my visit today. I still don't think I'd be able to spend £60+ on a babygro, as they suggest you do, but I was pretty impressed with the concept behind their Apocalypse Now-based lookbook for the men's collection.

I love getting an insight into the inspiration behind creative work, often finding it as interesting as the work itself.


  1. True enough.

    It can be very insightful to hear what inspired designers to create their looks for the season.

    Particular favorites:

    Marc Jacobs
    3.1 Philip Lim
    Oscar De La Renta
    Dulu Olouru

  2. The new womenswear is lovely. Designed by Lizzy Disney who was one of our big hopes a few years ago then fell off the radar.