Monday, 26 May 2008

Every girl wants a pair of...

Red shoes!!!
I'm pretty sure there's no exception to this rule, and I'm more sure it's down to Dorothy of the Wizard and Oz. Not sure if I should be admitting this, but myself, I have a whole section of photos stored on my computer of red 'Dorothy' shoes. In reply to Pamcasso's post, asking 'which would you want and how would you wear them?' I think I'd plump for these stunning Westwoods:

I'd wear them with frilly white socks and a short blue gingham shirt dress in slutty modern homage to Dorothy Gale.


  1. I agree! I remember, when I was younger I would use Encarta Encylopaedia for schoolwork, and there was a page on Vivienne Westwood with these amazing, even higher, croc-skin gothic lace-ups... I had to search for some more pairs.

    I wish I could credit this photo, but I have NO idea where it's from!

  2. I love how your blog is so honest and down to earth!

  3. I wore some amazing red numbers on the weekend with a sweet safari dress and high waist belt, you and Dorothy would have loved it. xf

  4. I too am speechless... that is.. freaking amazing.

    And even more amazing a girl can walk in them :D